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GRR Rapid Response

GRR is a security tool for live forensics on remote systems. It uses a client-server model to obtain information from the systems and store them centrally.

Latest release: [March 12, 2018]


Lynis is a security auditing tool for systems running Linux, macOS, or Unix. It can be used for security assessments and configuration audits.

Latest release: 2.6.3 [March 7, 2018]

MIG (Mozilla InvestiGator)

MIG, or Mozilla InvestiGator, is a security tool to perform forensic investigation in real-time on Linux, macOS, and Windows systems.
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Kubeaudit is a command line tool to audit Kubernetes clusters. It helps to test on various security risks, that may be introduced during deployment.

Latest release: 0.2.0 [Nov. 6, 2017]
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chkrootkit is a malware scanner to locally check for signs of a rootkit. It is written in shell script and runs on the host system itself.


Kube-Bench is a security tool to perform a configuration audit of Kubernetes installations. It can be used to find flaws and improve system hardening.

Latest release: 0.0.14 [April 4, 2018]


SubFinder is a subdomain discovery tool. This can be useful to learn more about a particular target and available subdomains.
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Docker Bench for Security

Docker Bench for Security is a small security scanner to perform several tests that are part of the Docker CIS benchmark.

Latest release: 1.3.3 [Oct. 6, 2017]


K8Guard is an accounting or monitoring system for Kubernetes clusters. It monitors resources and warns those who misbehave according to the defined rules.

Latest release: 1.0.1 [July 22, 2017]
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Rootkit Hunter (rkhunter)

Security tool to search for traces of rootkits, backdoors, and other malicious components on systems running Linux and other flavors of Unix

Latest release: 1.4.4 [June 29, 2017]


SubOver is a security tool to with the goal to take over subdomains. This can be used as part of security assessment or obtaining bug bounties.
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Th3inspector is an information gathering tool to collect information about domains, DNS, web applications, and more. It may be used for security assessments.
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Sublist3r is a security tool to scan a domain and attempt the discovery of underlying subdomains. This can be used during pentesting and security assessments.


Aircrack-ng is a security toolkit to perform WiFi auditing. It can be useful for security assessments to test the security of the wireless network.

Latest release: 1.2 [April 15, 2018]


BuQuikker is a security tool to scan the Amazon S3 storage service. Its goal is to find open and unprotected S3 buckets.
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Archery is a Django-based application to perform vulnerability assessments and do vulnerability management.

Latest release: ARCHERY-v1.0-beta [March 19, 2018]


ssldump is protocol analyzer for SSLv3/TLS network traffic. It identifies TCP connections on the chosen network interface and tries to interpret it.


LUNAR is a security scanner that runs on a Linux system or other flavors of Unix. It provides insights on what can be done to harden the system.


AWSBucketDump is a security tool to find interesting files in AWS S3 buckets that are part of Amazon cloud services.


GitMiner is a security tool to scan a Git repository for data leaks that may reveal sensitive information like authentication details.


The sqlmap performs automatic SQL injection and can take over a database. It is a valued tool for pentesters and those who want to test their web applications.

Latest release: 1.2 [Jan. 8, 2018]


s3-fuzzer is a security tool to find sensitive data stored in Amazon S3 buckets. It can be used during security assessments.

Latest release: 0.0.1 [July 16, 2017]


Gitrob is a security tool to find sensitive information on GitHub. During the audit, it may detect passwords, API keys, or other secrets.