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Chiron (IPv6 security assessment framework)

network analysis, network scanning, network security monitoring

Chiron is a security assessment framework for IPv6. It provides several modules including an IPv6 scanner, IPv6 Local Link, IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy, IPv6 attack module, and IPv6 proxy. These modules help to perform an assessment, like a penetration test.

The tool uses IPv6 extension headers to create a headers chain. This may allow evading security devices like IDS, IPS, and firewalls. Due to the flexibility of the framework, the tool can also be used to perform fuzzing of the I…

WarBerryPi (hardware implant for pentesting or red teaming)

information gathering, information snooping, penetration testing, red teaming

WarBerryPi is a toolkit to provide a hardware implant during Physical penetration testing or red teaming. The primary goal of the tool is to obtain as much information as possible, in a short period of time. The secondary goal is to be stealthy to avoid detection. As the name implies, the tool can be used on a small device like a RaspberryPi.

Another use-case of WarBerryPi is to be an entry point to the network. In that case, a 3G connection is suggested, to avoid the outgo…

Wireshark (network traffic analyzer)

network analysis, network traffic analysis, security assessment, troubleshooting

Wireshark is the well-known network protocol analyzer. It allows you to see what is happening on the network and zoom into the details of the network protocols.

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