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Tool categories

There are 2 tool collections available that cover firewall:

Security tools

The following security tools are linked to firewall and are worth investigating.

  • 0trace (reconnaissance tool and firewall bypassing)
  • (reconnaissance and firewall bypass tool)
  • 360-FAAR (firewall analysis tool)
  • Assimilator (firewall orchestration tool)
  • Chiron (IPv6 security assessment framework)
  • DFWFW (firewall management for iptables with Docker)
  • Douane (application firewall)
  • FireAway (firewall audit and bypass tool)
  • FireHOL (firewall config creator and manager)
  • Knock (port knocking tool)
  • LPFW (application firewall)
  • OpenSnitch (application firewall)
  • iptables (network traffic filter)
  • nftables (network traffic filtering)
  • opensvp (firewall testing tool)