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Programming languagePython
AuthorNicolás Videla
Latest release1.2.3 []

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Why this tool?

A tool like Assimilator can be of great help to 'normalize' all firewall rules into one place. Especially when a company uses different firewalls, each with their own syntax and specifics. Assimilator will then simplify the way firewall rules are created and managed.

Usage and audience

Assimilator is commonly used for network traffic filtering. Target users for this tool are security professionals and system administrators.


  • Application programming interface (API) available
  • Web interface

Tool review and remarks

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  • + The source code of this software is available

History and highlights

  • Demo at Black Hat USA 2017 Arsenal

Author and Maintainers

Assimilator is under development by Nicolás Videla.

Assimilator alternatives

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DFWFW, short of Docker Firewall Framework, offers easy administration of the iptables rules of Docker containers. It updates using event streams.



FireHOL is promoted as an iptables stateful packet filtering firewall for humans. It also comes with FireQOS, which a bandwidth shaper based on tc.



Douane is an application firewall that interacts with the user to allow or deny new network connections.

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This tool is categorized as a firewall management tool.