Linux security

Linux security


There is much to tell about Linux security. Even though new software is created daily, the operating systems using the GNU/Linux kernel have been pretty much matured over the years. Unfortunately, when it comes to security there is still a lot to do. This portal page will collect the most important Linux security topics and make them available.

Security experts

Good Linux security specialists are hard to find. The profile section highlights some of these professionals and how they contribute to the field.

Security tools

For almost every security problem there is a tool. In fact, there are often multiple tools. The security tools section contains all indexed tools that work on Linux. Tools are reviewed, categorized, tagged, and scored.

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Want to learn about a particular subject within the field of Linux security?


CategoryWhat to expect
BinariesDetailed information about common binaries that you may find at a Linux system
ChecklistsEasy-to-use checklists to secure Linux systems and related applications. Also includes tips for open source and security in general.
DefinitionsJargon explained, like specific attacks, hypes, and more.
How-to'sCommon tasks for system administrators and security professionals collected.

Books about Linux security

Although rare in the past, the number of books related to Linux security is increasing. See the books section for the available options and our review.


When you search for training related to Linux security, there is only a limited number of high-quality offers. Most computer-based trainings (CBT) repeat the same basics and don't go into detail. With the resources on this page, you will find always more things to learn. We also offer a lab-based training as a premium service.