Linux security

Linux security


This is the portal page for all Linux security topics.


Want to learn about a particular subject within the field of Linux security? These are the categories:

Security experts

Specialists in Linux security are hard to find. The profile section highlights these professionals and how they contribute to the field.

Security tools

For almost every security problem there is a tool. In fact, there are often multiple tools. We review security tools for Linux, so you can find the right tool for every task. All tools are categorized, tagged, and scored. If you are learning about new tools, or simply want to discover the ones that score very well, have a look at the top 100 security tools list.


When you search for training related to Linux security, there is only a limited number of high-quality offers. Most computer-based trainings (CBT) repeat the same basics and don't go into detail. With the resources on this page, you will find always more things to learn. We also offer a lab-based training as a premium service.