Open Source

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Promoting open source projects

Good open source projects are more than just their code. There is also providing support, community building, and doing promotion. Most developers are more passionate about programming than the fine details of marketing. Learn how to become better at PR (for techies!).

Level: Beginner

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Starting an open source project

Interested in starting an open source project, but don't how? This checklist has the tips to get the project up and running, like naming and choosing a license.

Level: Beginner

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Steps to improve your OSS project

Whenever you just created a new open source project or have one for years, it needs to be healthy to attract users. This step-by-step checklist shows you how.

Level: Beginner

Personal Skills

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Infosec CFP submission tips

So you discovered a Call for Papers (CFP) of a security conference and decided to submit a talk proposal. Great! Now the question is: how to craft that great submission that will land you that presentation slot? This step-by-step guide will cover the related steps and provides tips increase your chances.

Level: Beginner

Software Development

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Django security best practices

Django is a powerful web development framework. It sells itself as the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. And this makes sense, considering it is a framework with batteries included.

The Django project learned from the mistakes made by other content management systems (CMS) and frameworks. So when it comes to security, Django has its defenses in place. This checklist shows the available security capabilities and additional options.

Level: Beginner

System Hardening

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Linux security and system hardening

After the installation of a Linux-based system, so-called system hardening is needed. This involves a range of steps to tighten the capabilities of a system, its software, and its users. By applying best practices, we can reduce the chance of a system being misused or exploited.

Level: Beginner

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Linux security best practices

Whenever you run a Raspberry Pi as a hobby project or a full mainframe, Linux security is around the corner. The unfortunate part is that the topic is very extensive. While it takes time to really master all aspects of Linux security, these so-called best practices help you to cover the basics.

Level: Beginner