Linux Security Training

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The program explained

What is LSE?

This self-paced and online training program teaches students to install, configure, and manage security on Linux systems. It covers both the basics and more in-depth subjects. As the program is continuously evolving, the student will learn new techniques and tools.

The individual courses in the LSE training program all focus on Linux security. They are lab-based, highly technical, and cover both defensive and offensive security. Typical students include system administrators, security professionals, forensic specialists, and pentesters.

Our objective: provide the best Linux security training on the market

Joining the program will grant access to additional functionality on our website:

  • Access to more content (51 modules, 31 guides)
  • Personal dashboard
  • Completion status
  • Extended search


Normal technical trainings usually take between three and five days. The trainer has the goal to share as much from the curriculum as possible. This results in an overwhelming amount of information and limited room for questions or practical testing.

Why our program?

  1. Instead of one week of training: continuous learning
  2. Saving costs: No trainer that needs to travel and stay in a hotel
  3. Theory is replaced with practical tasks


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