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Linux security tooling and training is the heart of our company. Besides the open source security auditing tool Lynis, we created Lynis Enterprise. This solution helps companies with their compliance, system hardening, and security audits.

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Linux Security Expert

What is an expert?

There is a lot to learn just about Linux and its increasing number of applications. Things change fast and it is not that easy to stay up-to-date. We actually think it is impossible to call yourself a Linux expert with such a broad set of skills required (we will make an exception for Linus).

Experts in Linux security wanted

While the field of Linux security is much smaller, there is still a lot to know. So much, that we started blogging and sharing our knowledge. With Linux Security Expert we take this project of sharing a step further, with the goal to train more Linux security experts. And they are needed, seeing the news and weekly breaches. Are you joining us?

Training details

This training ground is now the collection of years of work in the field of Linux security. In addition to our security solutions, we train customers and others to become experts themselves.

The Linux security training has 51 modules with 31 guides.

We reviewed the work of 494 experts and a total of 526 tools are published at this time.


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