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Popular web application information gathering tools

CMSeeK (CMS detection and exploitation)

penetration testing, software exploitation, software identification, vulnerability scanning

CMSeeK is a security scanner for content management systems (CMS). It can perform a wide range of functions starting from the detection of the CMS, up to vulnerability scanning. The tool claims to support over 100 different CMS tools, with extensive support for the commonly used ones like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

The scans performed by CMSeeK include version detection. It can also do enumeration of users, plugins, and themes. This might be useful to see what users or …

DIRB (web content scanner)

DIRB is a security tool to discover directories and files on a web server. It can be used during penetration testing or security assessments to find sensitive information.

RTA (vulnerability scanner)

information gathering, penetration testing, security assessment, system enumeration

RTA is helpful to automate scanning public resources of a company. As the project name implies, this may be used during red teaming, like a penetration test. That obviously does not limit its use, as it is similarly useful by the blue team.

With its integration with Nessus and other tools, RTA is more of a toolkit. This can be seen in its functionality, like subdomain enumeration and information gathering capabilities.

Wappalyzer (discovery of technology stack)

information gathering, reconnaissance, software identification

Wappalyzer can be a useful asset when performing reconnaissance on a particular target like a web application or website. It helps to find what software is used to run a particular page. Components that can be detected are the content management system (CMS), JavaScript framework, e-commerce software, web server, and more.

wig (reconnaissance tool for web applications)

application fingerprinting, information gathering, reconnaissance, web application analysis

Wig is a security tool to discover what particular software is for a web application or website. It can detect several Content Management Systems (CMS) and other administrative applications. This may be useful for those performing reconnaissance or information gathering, like during a penetration test of security assessment.

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