Malware identification tools


Popular malware identification tools

Malice (VirusTotal clone)

malware analysis, malware detection, malware research, malware scanning

Malice is a malware analysis that wants to provide a free and open source version of VirusTotal. The goal of Malice is to make it usable by both independent researchers up to fortune 500 companies.

Malice is useful for those that do malware analysis or deal with user-generated files that may contain malware. The framework allows scanning files and directories to see if they are infected.

YARA (malware identification and classification)

malware analysis, malware detection, malware scanning

YARA is a tool to identify and classify malware samples. It uses textual or binary patterns to match data, combined with a boolean expression to define a match. YARA is multi-platform, can be used via a command-line interface or via Python scripts using the yara-python extension.

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