Malware detection

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Tool categories

There are 3 tool collections available that cover Malware detection:

Security tools

The following security tools are linked to Malware detection and are worth investigating.

  • LMD (malware detection tool)
  • Loki (file scanner to detect indicators or compromise)
  • Malice (VirusTotal clone)
  • Malscan (malware scanner for web servers)
  • Maltrail (malicious traffic detection system)
  • MultiAV
  • MultiScanner (file scanning and analysis framework)
  • PHP Malware Finder (PHP malware scanner)
  • Rootkit Hunter (malware scanner)
  • SSMA (malware analysis tool)
  • YARA (malware identification and classification)
  • YaraGuardian (Django web interface to manage Yara rules)
  • bamfdetect (extract information from bots and malware)
  • mime2vt (test MIME attachments against VirusTotal)
  • uitkyk (memory analysis framework for Android)
  • yarGen (YARA rule generator)