OSINT tools


OSINT tools
ToolTypeDescriptionLatest releaseRelease dateScore
GasMaskOpen source intelligence gathering toolGasMask is an open source intelligence gathering tool (OSINT). It can be used to discover more information about a particular target. The sources it uses include search engines like Bing, Google, and Yandex. Additionally it retrieves information from GitHub, YouTube, and social media platforms like Twitter.v1.3.1_neoJuly 4, 201889
GitemGitHub organization reconnaissance toolGitem is a reconnaissance tool to extract information about organizations on GitHub. It can be used to find the leaking of sensitive data.0.7.1July 12, 201885
Intrigue CoreAttack surface discoveryIntrigue Core is a security framework to help with automated attack surface discovery. It can be used both as an offensive or defensive tool.0.5July 3, 2018100
OSINT FrameworkCollection of OSINT resourcesThe OSINT Framework tool provides a web-based interface to commonly used tools and resources for open source intelligence. It helps with intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, and discovering new tools.UnknownUnknown74
OSINT-SPYOpen source intelligence gathering toolLooking for retrieving information about an organization, domain, IP address, or something else? See how OSINT-SPY might be able to help you with this task.UnknownUnknown81
SpiderFootOSINT toolSpiderFoot is an open source intelligence automation tool (OSINT). It automates the process of gathering intelligence, like IP addresses, domains, and networks.v2.12.0-finalMarch 2, 201896
XRayReconnaissance and OSINT toolXRay is a security tool for reconnaissance, mapping, and OSINT gathering from public networks.UnknownUnknown64