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Popular network port scanners

DMitry (information gathering tool)

This small utility can retrieve information from the WHOIS database, to see who owns an IP address or domain name. Besides that, it can obtain information from the system itself, like the uptime. DMitry also has the option to search for email addresses, perform a TCP port scan, and use modules specified by the user.

Masscan (high-performance port scanner)

network scanning

Masscan can be compared with other tools like Nmap. Due to its focus on high performance, this tool can be used when many systems have to be scanned at once. It can scan all internet hosts on IPv4 within 5 minutes. This impressive statistic makes the tool loved by those that do security research.

Nmap (network and vulnerability scanner)

network scanning, vulnerability scanning

Nmap is a security scanner that can perform a port scan, network exploration, and determine vulnerabilities

QuickScan (port scanning utility)

network scanning

Although there are many port scanning utilities, sometimes it is specific functionality that makes a tool really powerful. For example, QuickScan saves the results of a scan, which then can be processed later for follow-up.

Zenmap (graphical user interface for Nmap)

network scanning, penetration testing, port scanning, security assessment

Zenmap is a graphical user interface (GUI) for Nmap. It can be of great help to start a network scan by simply selecting the options you want. Besides Linux, it also runs on Microsoft Windows, macOS, BSD, and other flavors of Unix.

One of the strengths of Zenmap is the ability to store profiles, which can be reused for later scans. The command creator is another one, which helps interactively create the right nmap commands. Recent scans are stored in a searchable database a…

dnmap (distributed nmap scanning)

network scanning

This tool can be helpful to distribute the load that may come when using Nmap on bigger network segments.

portSpider (network vulnerability scanner)

network scanning, vulnerability scanning

portSpider is a security tool to scan network ranges and find open ports. The goal of the tool is to find vulnerable services.

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