Python code analysis tools


Popular Python code analysis tools

Bandit (Python static code analyzer)

code analysis

Bandit is a tool that can be used during development or afterward. Typically this is used by developers to find common security issues in Python code before putting the code in production. Another use-case would be to use this tool to analyze existing projects and find possible flaws.

PyT (static code analyzer for Python)

code analysis

Python Taint (or PyT) is a static code analyzer for Python scripts and applications. It tries to discover vulnerabilities or other possible weaknesses.

graudit (static code analysis tool)

code analysis

Analysis of source code helps to find programming flaws including those that can lead to software vulnerabilities. Graudit helps to uncover these by searching through the files and discover possible flaws. The tool supports languages like ASP, C, Perl, PHP, Python, and others.

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