Vulnerability management tools


Archery (vulnerability assessment and management)

penetration testing, vulnerability management, vulnerability scanning, vulnerability testing

Archery is a tool that helps to collect data about vulnerabilities within an environment. Instead of focusing on the actual scanning, it allows managing findings in a web-based interface. This includes options like reporting, searching, and dashboards. It can interact with other tools, including the well-known vulnerability scanners.

OpenVAS (vulnerability scanner)

penetration testing, security assessment, vulnerability scanning

OpenVAS is a framework of several services and tools offering a vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management solution.

VulnWhisperer (vulnerability data and reports collector)

vulnerability management, vulnerability scanning

VulnWhisperer helps with the collection of vulnerability data and its reports. The goal of the tool is to make vulnerability data more actionable. It supports scans and data from products like Nessus, Qualys products, OpenVAS, and

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