IoT security tools


IoT security tools are typically used for security assessment.

Users for these tools include pentesters and security professionals.


Popular IoT security tools

Expliot (IoT security testing and exploitation framework)

IoT security testing, hardware security, security assessment

Expliot is a framework to perform security testing and exploitation of IoT infrastructure and IoT devices. It comes with a set of tests in the form of plugins. The framework can be extended by creating custom plugins. As you may expect from a tool like Expliot, the typical communication protocols and message buses are supported. Examples include CANBus, BLE, MQTT, CoAP. In other words, enough acronyms for those familiar with the technology.

RouterSploit (exploitation and testing for embedded devices)

penetration testing, self-assessment, software testing, vulnerability scanning

RouterSploit is a framework to exploit embedded devices such as cameras and routers. It can be used during penetration testing to test the security of a wide variety of devices. RouterSploit comes with several modules to scan and exploit the devices. The tool helps in all steps, like from credential testing to deploying a payload to perform an exploitation attempt.

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