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Algo VPN (personal VPN in the cloud)

data encryption, privacy enhancement

Algo VPN allows you to run your own VPN service using common cloud providers. Most devices do not need client software, as it uses generic VPN components. For security reasons, Algo VPN supports only IKEv2 using strong cryptographic protocols (AES-GCM, SHA2, and P-256) and WireGuard. It can block advertisements, tunnel traffic via SSH, and helps to automate configuration.

Decentraleyes (local CDN emulation for privacy)

privacy enhancement

Most websites consist of HTML show the structure of a website. Together with CSS for styling, and JavaScript for interactive functionality, the website can provide value for its visitors. Some of the used JavaScript libraries are heavy on bandwidth, so website owner may use a content delivery network (CDN). The primary goal for a CDN is to get data closer to the end-user, which results in faster downloads and increasing the performance of the website.

Some common JavaScript…

MAT (removal of metadata)

privacy enhancement

Many file forms store sensitive data, like a location, author name, or even the date and time. This toolkit can remove these bits of data while allowing the file to be used as before.

Privacy Badger (privacy protection for browsers)

privacy enhancement

Privacy Badger provides protection against website visitor trackers. These trackers come in the form of beacons or invisible pixels and have the goal to collect information about the browser. This data is often shared by third parties and used to create a profile of a particular browser. As minor differences for each user may lead to an individual user, these third parties may even link some of the data to the related individual. Tools like Privacy Badger do not provide guar…

hBlock (ad blocking and tracker/malware protection)

malware protection, privacy enhancement, provide anonymity

For the privacy-aware users, tools like hBlock can be helpful to block malicious domains, malware, advertisements, and trackers. Trackers could be pixels added to websites to track which pages you visited, which might invade your privacy.

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