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Why this tool?

Algo VPN allows you to run your own VPN service using common cloud providers. Most devices do not need client software, as it uses generic VPN components. For security reasons, Algo VPN supports only IKEv2 using strong cryptographic protocols (AES-GCM, SHA2, and P-256) and WireGuard. It can block advertisements, tunnel traffic via SSH, and helps to automate configuration.

How it works

You would use Algo VPN on a system typically running on a cloud platform like DigitalOcean, Amazon Lightsail, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, Scaleway, OpenStack, or your own Ubuntu LTS server. The configuration itself is done by using Ansible scripts.

Usage and audience

Algo VPN is commonly used for data encryption or privacy enhancement. Target users for this tool are general public.

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This project is maintained by Trail of Bits


Supported operating systems

Algo VPN is known to work on Linux.

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