Wireless security testing tools


Popular wireless security testing tools

BoopSuite (wireless security testing tool)

BoopSuite a wireless pentesting suite to perform security auditing and test wireless networks. It can be used for penetration tests and security assignments.

aircrack-ng (WiFi auditing toolkit)

hardware security, network scanning, security assessment

Aircrack-ng is a security toolkit to perform WiFi auditing. It can be useful for security assessments to test the security of the wireless network.

airgeddon (wireless security assessment tool)

network analysis

Tools like Airgeddon can be used to test the security of wireless networks. It is flexible and written in shell script, making it fairly easy to understand what is does and how it works.

trackerjacker (Track WiFi devices using raw 802.11 traffic)

network scanning, network spoofing, network traffic analysis, penetration testing

Trackerjacker is a security tool to map WiFi networks that you are not connected to. It allows mapping and tracking of devices using the 802.11 protocol. It may be useful for intelligence gathering or performing specific WiFi attacks, such as a deauthentication attack. The tool comes with plugin support so that it can interact with other tools. For example, when a particular event occurs it can be picked up by another tool.

wpsik (WPS scan and attack tool)

The wpsik tool is used to perform security scans on a wireless network.

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