Memory forensics tools


Memory forensics tools are typically used for digital forensics and memory analysis.

Users for these tools include forensic specialists, security professionals.


MIG (real-time investigation tool)

digital forensics, intrusion detection

MIG provides a platform to perform investigative analysis on remote systems. By using the right queries, information can be obtained from these systems. This all happens in parallel, making intrusion detection, investigation, and follow-up easier.

r2frida (bridge between Radare2 and Frida)

application testing, binary analysis, memory analysis

Both Radare2 and Frida have their own area of expertise. This project combines both, to allow a more extensive analysis of files and processes.

Volatility (memory forensics framework)

digital forensics

Volatile memory framework used for forensics and analysis purposes. The framework is written in Python and runs on almost all platforms.

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