Reverse engineering

What is reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing running processes or static binaries. It can provide valuable insights into the internals of computer processes and how they work.

Tool categories

There are 2 tool collections available that cover reverse engineering:

Security tools

The following security tools are linked to reverse engineering and are worth investigating.

  • Cutter (graphical user interface for radare2)
  • Frida (reverse engineering tool)
  • LIEF (library for analysis of executable formats)
  • Manticore (dynamic binary analysis tool)
  • PEDA (Python Exploit Development Assistance for GDB)
  • PyREBox (Python scriptable Reverse Engineering Sandbox)
  • bingrep (binary analysis tool)
  • elf2json (ELF binary analysis tool)
  • r2frida (bridge between Radare2 and Frida)
  • radare2 (reverse engineering tool and binary analysis)