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Popular WiFi security analysis tools

EAPHammer (evil twin attack against WPA2-Enterprise network)

credential stealing, network security assessment, network spoofing

EAPHammer is a toolkit to perform a targeted evil twin attack against WPA2-Enterprise networks. It can be used during security assessments of the wireless network. The focus of EAPHammer is to provide a powerful interface while still being easy to use.

The attacks and features that EAPHammer supports are evil twin and karma attack, SSID cloaking, steal RADIUS credentials (WPA-EAP and WPA2-EAP), and hostile portal attacks to capture Active Directory credentials or perform in…

Wifiphisher (phishing attack tool for WiFi)

WiFi security analysis, phishing attacks

Wifiphisher would have a good usage in security assessments to obtain credentials. In that regard it is considered to be an offensive tool, especially considering it could be used to infect the systems of victims with malware. Wifiphisher is not a brute forcing tool, but more focused to perform a social engineering attack.

Wireshark (network traffic analyzer)

network analysis, network traffic analysis, security assessment, troubleshooting

Wireshark is the well-known network protocol analyzer. It allows you to see what is happening on the network and zoom into the details of the network protocols.

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