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Looking for new tools to extend your tool box? The top 100 list of best security tools is a great start.


Jackhammer is a collaboration tool to get security and developer teams together. Focus is on static code analysis and dynamic analysis vulnerability discovery.


Jak is a security tool to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data in Git repositories, like application secrets.


Jawfish is a security tool to test web applications. It can find related exploits and update according to an internal database.

JBoss Autopwn

JBoss Autopwn is an exploitation tool for JBoss installations. To deploy its payload, the tool uses Metasploit, Netcat, and cURL.


Jchroot defines isolation capabilities like chroot with a more granular set of permissions. It can be used to secure and restrict the resources of a process.


JexBoss is a security tool to verify and exploit vulnerabilities in JBoss applications. It can be used for security assignments and pentests.

John the Ripper

John the Ripper is a mature password cracker to find weak or known passwords.


JoomScan is an open source project written in Perl. It can detect Joomla CMS vulnerabilities helps to analyze them.


JShielder is a security tool for Linux systems to make them more secure by adding system hardening measures.

jSQL Injection

jSQL Injection is a security tool to test web applications. It can be used to discover if an application is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.

Latest release: 0.82 [Jan. 1, 2020]
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