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Tool and Usage

Jchroot defines isolation capabilities like chroot with a more granular set of permissions. It can be used to secure and restrict the resources of a process.

Why this tool?

Recent versions of the Linux kernel allow using different namespaces to isolate resources. The first process in each namespace will be PID 1 and the main parent of newly spawned processes. This type of isolation allows for separation of resources. Jchroot can use this to define all kind of specifics for this process. Think of resources like the hostname, the mount points, or any users that are available.

Usage and audience

This tool is categorized as a resource isolation tool.

Tool review

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  • + The source code of this software is available

Author and Maintainers

Jchroot is under development by Vincent Bernat.


Support operating systems

Jchroot is known to work on Linux.

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Project details
Latest release1.0 [2017-08-10]
License(s)Custom license
Last updatedNov. 8, 2017

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