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Sebastien Macke
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Why this tool?

Patator is based on similar tools like Hydra, yet with the goal to avoid the common flaws these tools have like performance limitations. The tool is modular and supports different types of brute-force attacks or enumeration of information.

Background information

Authentication protocols:

  • ftp_login - FTP
  • ldap_login - LDAP
  • rlogin_login - rlogin
  • ssh_login - SSH
  • telnet_login - Telnet
  • smb_login-Brute-force SMB
  • smb_lookupsid - SMB SID-lookup
  • vmauthd_login - VMware Authentication Daemon


  • smtp_login - SMTP
  • smtp_vrfy - Enumerate users via SMTP VRFY command
  • smtp_rcpt-Enumerate valid users using the SMTP RCPT TO command
  • finger_lookup - Enumerate valid users via Finger
  • http_fuzz - HTTP/HTTPS
  • ajp_fuzz -Brute-force AJP
  • pop_login-Brute-force POP
  • pop_passd-Brute-force poppassd (not POP3)
  • imap_login - IMAP


  • mssql_login - MSSQL
  • mysql_login - MySQL
  • mysql_query - MySQL queries
  • oracle_login - Oracle
  • pgsql_login - PostgreSQL
  • rdp_login-Brute-force RDP (NLA)
  • vnc_login-Brute-force VNC

Other services:

  • dns_forward - DNS
  • dns_reverse - DNS (reverse lookup of subnets)
  • ike_enum - Enumerate IKE transforms
  • keystore_pass - find password of Java keystore files
  • snmp_login - SNMPv1/v2/v3
  • unzip_pass - find password of encrypted ZIP files
  • umbraco_crack - Crack Umbraco HMAC-SHA1 password hashes

Usage and audience

Patator is commonly used for password discovery, penetration testing, reconnaissance, or vulnerability scanning. Target users for this tool are pentesters and security professionals.

Tool review and remarks

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  • + More than 500 GitHub stars
  • + The source code of this software is available

Author and Maintainers

Patator is under development by Sebastien Macke.


Supported operating systems

Patator is known to work on Linux.

Patator alternatives

Similar tools to Patator:


THC Hydra

THC Hydra is a brute-force cracking tool for remote authentication services. It supports many protocols, including telnet, FTP, LDAP, SSH, SNMP, and others.



The acccheck tool performs a password guessing and dictionary attack on SMB services used to share files and printers.



Eapmd5pass is a password attack tool for EAP-MD5 authentication traffic. It uses an offline attack, meaning it deals with captured network data.

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