Vulnerability data tools


Popular vulnerability data tools

SearchSploit (exploit search tool)

information gathering, penetration testing, service exploitation, system exploitation, vulnerability testing

SearchSploit is a small by OffensiveSecurity to search for exploits and related data in the exploit database (Exploit-DB). This may help penetration testers in their security assignments.

VulnFeed (vulnerability feed parser)

vulnerability management

VulnFeed is a tool that sorts through vulnerability reports, providing a single report that is organized by the applications and services you are interested in.

vFeed (vulnerability database and query engine)

security assessment, vulnerability scanning

vFeed is a set of tools around correlated vulnerability and threat intelligence. It provides a database, API, and supporting tools to store vulnerability data.

vulnerability-alerter (retrieve vulnerability data from NIST)

vulnerability management, vulnerability testing

Vulnerability-alerter is a security tool to retrieve vulnerability data from NIST's database (NVD). This data can be used to discover recent vulnerabilities.

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