Authentication libraries


Authentication is the port watcher for our digital services. To implement this process securely, here are the tools that help to achieve this.

Every application that deals with sensitive data will have to implement some form of access control. To prove the identity of a user, authentication needs to be used. Before that was simply a username and password. Nowadays you can even do biometric scans as part of the authentication step. It is also more common to see multi-factor authentication, where one should show multiple types of proof.

Authentication libraries help with the implementation in existing and new tools. Instead of reinventing the wheel, ready-to-use libraries can simplify the process of authentication. Sometimes as simple as just providing a key to a third party and start.


Authentication libraries are typically used for authentication and identity and access management.

Users for these tools include developers, security professionals.


Authentication libraries
ToolTypeDescriptionLatest releaseRelease dateScore
django-sudo'sudo' for Django applicationsDjango-sudo provides a view decorator for Django web applications. It mimics the behavior of sudo on Linux systems and requires reauthentication.2.0.1May 24, 201674
django-two-factor-authTwo-factor authentication for DjangoA complete Two-Factor Authentication for Django. It leverages the django-otp tooling together with Django's authentication framework.1.7.0Dec. 19, 201768