Tool categories

There are 2 tool collections available that cover MitM:

Security tools

The following security tools are linked to MitM and are worth investigating.

  • ArpON (MitM defense tool)
  • BetterCAP (MitM tool and framework)
  • DNS MitM
  • DNSChef (DNS proxy)
  • Nili (tool for network scans, MitM, and fuzzing)
  • SSH MITM (SSH MitM attack)
  • SSLsplit (SSL/TLS MitM tool)
  • Seth (MitM tool for RDP connections)
  • Snarf
  • mitmproxy (TLS/SSL traffic interception)
  • sslcaudit (auditing tool for SSL/TLS clients)
  • starttls-mitm (SSL/TLS MitM tool)
  • tlsmitm