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Programming languagePython
AuthorPeter Kacherginsky
Latest release0.3 []

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Why this tool?

DNSChef is a DNS proxy that can be used terminate or intercept traffic for DNS traffic. This might be useful during a penetration test or when researching malware and manipulate the actual DNS responses.

Author and Maintainers

DNSChef is under development by Peter Kacherginsky.

DNSChef alternatives

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Async DNS Brute, or aiodnsbrute, is a security tool to help with resolving many DNS entries and the related discovery.



The dnsteal tool can be used to stealthily send data over DNS requests. It may be used to test data loss prevention (DLP) tools.



Fierce is a security tool that helps with DNS reconnaissance. It can locate non-contiguous IP space, but using DNS information.

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This tool is categorized as a DNS proxy tool.

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