Data sanitizing tools


Popular data sanitizing tools

Bleach (sanitizing library for Django)

data sanitizing

Bleach is a library for Django that can sanitize HTML by escaping and stripping harmful content. It provides a filter for untrusted content and disarms potential unwanted scripts from the input. This may be useful to apply to data that is transmitted via HTML forms or otherwise.

CIRCLean (USB stick and drives cleaner)

data sanitizing, data transfers

Malware regularly uses USB sticks to infect victims. This solution can convert documents with potentially harmful code into disarmed data formats. This converted data is then stored on a trusted device.

DocBleach (data sanitizing tool for documents)

data sanitizing

Tools like DocBleach are useful when dealing a lot with documents from external parties or even unknown entities. It can scan a system and disarm any possible harmful embedded data or code structures from documents.

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