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Chiron (IPv6 security assessment framework)

network analysis, network scanning, network security monitoring

Chiron is a security assessment framework for IPv6. It provides several modules including an IPv6 scanner, IPv6 Local Link, IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy, IPv6 attack module, and IPv6 proxy. These modules help to perform an assessment, like a penetration test.

The tool uses IPv6 extension headers to create a headers chain. This may allow evading security devices like IDS, IPS, and firewalls. Due to the flexibility of the framework, the tool can also be used to perform fuzzing of the I…

pysap (SAP network protocol package generator)

This Python library can be used to craft and send packets using SAP's NI, Message Server, Router, RFC, SNC, Enqueue, and Diag protocols. It is a useful toolkit for those who want to do security assessments in environments that use SAP solutions.

ssldump (SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer)

network analysis

ssldump is protocol analyzer for SSLv3/TLS network traffic. It identifies TCP connections on the chosen network interface and tries to interpret it.

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