Fuzzing frameworks


Popular fuzzing frameworks

Kitty (fuzzing framework)

application fuzzing

Kitty is a framework for those who want to do fuzzing unusual targets, like proprietary protocols. Although Kitty itself is not a fuzzing tool, it allows one to build a fuzzing tool.

Wfuzz (web application fuzzer)

application fuzzing, application security, application testing, web application analysis

Wfuzz is a fuzzing tool written in Python. Tools like Wfuzz are typically used to test web applications and how they handle both expected as unexpected input.

boofuzz (fuzzing framework)

application fuzzing, vulnerability scanning

Boofuzz is a framework written in Python that allows hackers to specify protocol formats and perform fuzzing. It does the heavy lifting of the fuzzing process. It builds on its predecessor Sulley and promises to be much better. Examples include the online documentation, support to extend the tooling, easier installation, and far fewer bugs. It comes with built-in support for serial fuzzing, the ethernet and IP layers, and UDP broadcasts.

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