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Carlos del Ojo
Christian Martorella
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Why this tool?

Wfuzz is a fuzzing tool written in Python. Tools like Wfuzz are typically used to test web applications and how they handle both expected as unexpected input.

Usage and audience

Wfuzz is commonly used for application fuzzing, application security, application testing, or web application analysis. Target users for this tool are developers and pentesters.


  • Command line interface
  • Extendable with custom tests and plugins
  • Tool is modular

Example usage and output

* Wfuzz 2.2 - The Web Bruteforcer *

Total requests: 950

ID Response Lines Word Chars Request

00022: C=301 7 L 12 W 184 Ch "admin"
00130: C=403 10 L 29 W 263 Ch "cgi-bin"
00378: C=301 7 L 12 W 184 Ch "images"
00690: C=301 7 L 12 W 184 Ch "secured"
00938: C=301 7 L 12 W 184 Ch "CVS"

Total time: 5.519253
Processed Requests: 950
Filtered Requests: 945
Requests/sec.: 172.1247

Tool review and remarks

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  • + More than 1000 GitHub stars
  • + The source code of this software is available

Author and Maintainers

Wfuzz is under development by Carlos del Ojo, Christian Martorella. This project is currently maintained by Xavi Mendez.


Supported operating systems

Wfuzz is known to work on Linux.

Wfuzz alternatives

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Web Application Security Scanner aimed towards helping users evaluate the security of web applications



SQLMate is a security tool that calls itself a friend of SQLMap. It has similar functionality, yet comes with additional features like finding an admin panel and improved hash cracking. The tool can find possible vulnerable targets, with the option to save the results and feed it to others, like SQLMap.



Yasuo is a Ruby script that scans for vulnerable and exploitable third-party web applications.

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Fuzzing or fuzz testing is a technique to automatically test software. By providing the software unexpected inputs, the stability is tested. Any crashes or unexpected errors can reveal a weakness in the software.

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