Data encryption tools


Data can be stored and transmitted more securely by encrypting it. This encryption process uses a combination of algorithms, safeguards, and keys. It is easy to make a mistake during implementation, so it is better to use well-known tools and libraries.

The right tool strongly depends on the type of data encryption that you are looking for. Typically for storage, symmetrical encryption protocol is used. Asymmetrical encryption is used for the signing of data.


Data encryption tools are typically used for data encryption, data integrity, data security.


Popular data encryption tools

Cryptomator (client-side encryption for cloud services)

data encryption

Cryptomator is a multi-platform tool for transparent client-side encryption of your files. It is used together with cloud services to ensure you are the only one who can access the data.

OpenSSL (TLS and SSL toolkit)

certificate management, data encryption

This popular toolkit is used by many systems. It provides options like encryption and hashing of data, integrity testing, and digital certificates and signatures. Many software applications use the toolkit to provide support for these functions. OpenSSL also has a client utility that can be used on the command line to test, decrypt and encrypt data, and create certificates.

git-crypt (encrypt sensitive data in Git repositories)

data encryption

This tools allows you to store your secrets (such as keys or passwords) in the same repository as your code.

jak (git encryption)

data encryption

Typically developers may want to store some secrets, like authentication details, in in their repository. With jak this can happen in a slightly more secure way, by encrypting the data.

socat (data channel and transfer tool)

data encryption, data transfers

Socat is a tool to share data between systems. It can leverage an existing connection, or set up a new channel between two systems. This can be useful to relay traffic, do a quick data transfer, or test other systems. Another option is to use it on the local system to add an encrypted channel.

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