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Programming languageC
AuthorGerhard Rieger
Latest release1.7.3.2 []

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Why this tool?

Socat is a tool to share data between systems. It can leverage an existing connection, or set up a new channel between two systems. This can be useful to relay traffic, do a quick data transfer, or test other systems. Another option is to use it on the local system to add an encrypted channel.

Usage and audience

socat is commonly used for data encryption or data transfers. Target users for this tool are general public.


  • Command line interface

Tool review and remarks

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  • + The source code of this software is available
  • + Well-known tool

Author and Maintainers

Socat is under development by Gerhard Rieger.


Supported operating systems

Socat is known to work on Linux and macOS.

Installation options

  • Git clone
  • Manual (compilation)
socat installation instructions

socat alternatives

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Cryptomator is a multi-platform tool for transparent client-side encryption of your files. It is used together with cloud services to ensure you are the only one who can access the data.



Git-crypt enables encryption and decryption of files in a Git repository. It is transparent to the user and can be used to freely share a repository containing both public and private information.



Jak is a security tool to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data in Git repositories, like application secrets.

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This tool is categorized as a data encryption tool and data transfer tool.

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