Kubernetes security tools


Kubernetes is popular among developers and system administrators for cluster orchestration. When it comes to security, a wide set of tools is available. Some will focus specifically on do a health check on the configuration or environment itself, while others go further by doing monitoring or accounting of resources.


Popular Kubernetes security tools

K8Guard (monitoring and accounting for Kubernetes)

event monitoring

The primary goal of K8Guard is monitoring the environment. Instead of focusing on availability, K8Guard helps to detect misbehaving resources. These resources could be Deployments, DaemonSets, Ingresses, Jobs/CronJobs, Namespaces, Pods, and ResourceQuotas.

Kube-Bench (security benchmark testing for Kubernetes)

Tools like Kube-Bench help with quickly checking configuration weaknesses or discovering bad defaults.

kubeaudit (Kubernetes security scanner)

configuration audit, security awareness

Kubeaudit is a command line tool to audit Kubernetes clusters. It helps to test on various security risks, that may be introduced during deployment.

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