Network traffic filtering tools


Network traffic filtering tools
ToolTypeDescriptionLatest releaseRelease dateScore
Anti-DDOSConfiguration tool to reduce impact of DDoSAnti-DDOS is an open source software project developed to protect against DDoS attacks. The project consists of a shell script to set up iptables for traffic filtering. Additionally, it will configure kernel parameters to better withstand lots of network traffic.UnknownUnknown64
iptablesNetwork traffic filterThe iptables tool is the userspace command line program part of the netfilter project. Since Linux 2.4 it is the standard packet filtering engine. Among standard traffic filtering, it can be used for Network Address Translation (NAT).UnknownUnknown67
nftablesNetwork traffic filteringNftables is a subsystem of the Linux kernel to filter and classify network traffic and supposed to replace netfilter.0.7Dec. 20, 201667
SCUTUMARP filteringSCUTUM is a security tool for Linux systems to filter network traffic. With this firewall functionality, it can allow only whitelisted network gateways.2.6.7April 1, 201884
vallumdDistributed ipset blacklist for iptablesVallumd is a security tool using MQTT to provide centralized blacklists for multiple servers or systems.0.1.3Feb. 10, 201760