Network traffic filtering tools


Popular network traffic filtering tools

Anti-DDOS (configuration tool to reduce impact of DDoS)

DDoS protection, network traffic filtering

This script could be useful for system and network administrators that want to learn about better defending the network against lots of network packets. The Linux kernel has a default configuration that is optimized for performance. To further secure it, changes need to be made to these kernel settings. The Anti-DDoS tool will help with setting up the configuration.

SCUTUM (ARP filtering)

firewall management, network traffic filtering

The primary goal of this solution is to prevent ARP spoofing by other computers on the local network. It uses a whitelist and blocks all other systems sending possible malicious ARP requests (e.g. with spoofing attack).

iptables (network traffic filter)

network traffic filtering

The iptables tool is the userspace command line program part of the netfilter project. Since Linux 2.4 it is the standard packet filtering engine. Among standard traffic filtering, it can be used for Network Address Translation (NAT).

nftables (network traffic filtering)

network traffic filtering

Advantages of nftables over Netfilter are less code duplication, better performance, and easier to manage the rules. Instead of multiple utilities (iptables, ip6tables, arptables, and ebtables), everything is now configured with just one main utility named nft.

vallumd (distributed ipset blacklist for iptables)

This tool provides a centralized method to distribute ipset blacklists.

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