Web application fingerprinting tools


Popular web application fingerprinting tools

BlindElephant (web application fingerprinting)

reconnaissance, web application analysis

BlindElephant is a security tool to perform fingerprinting of web applications. It can discover the name and version of known web applications.

WhatWeb (website analyzer and fingerprinting tool)

reconnaissance, web application analysis

WhatWeb can be used stealthy and fast to determine what technologies are used on a particular website or web application. This process called fingerprinting can tell a lot about how it was build and possible weaknesses it might have. The tool can be used in different levels, from stealthy to very aggressive. This last one is useful in penetration tests or during development.

wig (reconnaissance tool for web applications)

application fingerprinting, information gathering, reconnaissance, web application analysis

Wig is a security tool to discover what particular software is for a web application or website. It can detect several Content Management Systems (CMS) and other administrative applications. This may be useful for those performing reconnaissance or information gathering, like during a penetration test of security assessment.

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