Security automation tools


Popular security automation tools

Infection Monkey (security testing for data centers and networks)

password discovery, service exploitation, system exploitation

This tool is useful for security assessments to test for weaknesses within the network. By automating the exploitation phase as much as possible, it will help finding any weak targets within the boundaries of the data center.

ShellPop (toolkit for popping shells)

penetration testing

During a penetration test, you might have an opportunity to gain shell access to a system. This tool helps with crafting the required type of reverse or bind shell for the task. PopShell also helps with encoding, staging, or switching between different protocols.

Vulnreport (security review and reporting platform)

security reviews, vulnerability management, vulnerability scanning

Vulnreport is a platform to deal with penetration test results. The tool formats them and provides actionable findings reports. The platform is strong in focusing on automation, to reduce the time spent by engineers.

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