Information leaks monitoring tools


Information leaks monitoring tools are typically used for data leak detection, data leak prevention, information leak detection, information leak prevention.

Users for these tools include security professionals and system administrators.


Popular information leaks monitoring tools

AIL framework (framework to parse data of information leaks)

data extraction, data leak detection, information leak detection, security monitoring

AIL is a modular framework which helps to analyze potential information leaks. The framework is flexible and supports different kinds of data formats and sources. For example, one of the sources is the collection of pastes from Pastebin. A tool like AIL is commonly used to detect or even prevent data leaks.

pastemon (tool to monitor Pastebin)

security monitoring

Tool like pastemon can detect specific texts on the Pastebin website, like corporate information or sensitive information. It can be used as an early warning system or detect compromises in your environment.

snallygaster (discover sensitive files on web servers)

data leak detection, discovery of sensitive information, information leak detection

This tool helps with detecting those files that you typically do not want to have exposed on your webservers. This includes files related to software repositories (e.g. .git), web shells,

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