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Xavier Mertens
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Why this tool?

Tool like pastemon can detect specific texts on the Pastebin website, like corporate information or sensitive information. It can be used as an early warning system or detect compromises in your environment.

Usage and audience

pastemon is commonly used for security monitoring. Target users for this tool are general public.

Tool review and remarks

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  • + The source code of this software is available


  • - Unknown project license

Author and Maintainers

Pastemon is under development by Xavier Mertens.


Supported operating systems

Pastemon is known to work on Linux.

pastemon alternatives

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AIL framework

AIL is a framework to analyze potential information leaks from unstructured data sources. For example, this may include data from Pastebin and similar services.



Snallygaster is a security tool that looks for files on web servers that maybe shouldn't be public. Typical examples for such files include publicly accessible git repositories, backup files, database dumps, or configuration files.



DejaVu is an open source deception framework which can be used to deploy and administer decoys across a network infrastructure. Read how it works in this review.

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This tool is categorized as a information leaks monitoring tool and security monitoring tool.

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