Vulnerability scanners


Bash Scanner (vulnerable package detection for Linux)

Bash Scanner is a security tool that does a quick scan to see if there are vulnerable packages. It uses an external service to validate.

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BDA (vulnerability scan for Hadoop and Spark)

BDA is a security tool to test installations of Hadoop and Spark, often used to store big data sets. Configuration weaknesses and other issues can be detected.

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CMSmap (reconnaissance tool for popular CMS frameworks)

CMSmap is a security tool to perform reconnaissance on a web target. It helps with the detection of several popular content management systems (CMS).

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flunym0us (vulnerability scanner for WordPress and Moodle)

Flunym0us is a security scanner for WordPress and Moodle installations. The tool tests the security of the installation by performing enumeration attempts.

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JexBoss (JBoss verify and exploitation tool)

JexBoss is a security tool to verify and exploit vulnerabilities in JBoss applications. It can be used for security assignments and pentests.

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Lynis (audit tool and security scanner)

Security auditing tool for systems running Linux, mac OS, or Unix, to perform an in-depth health check.

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Nmap (network and vulnerability scanner)

Nmap is a security scanner that can perform a port scan, network exploration, and determine vulnerabilities

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OpenVAS (vulnerability scanner)

OpenVAS is a framework of several services and tools offering a vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management solution.

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Tulpar (web vulnerability scanner)

Tulpar is a security tool to scan web targets for possible vulnerabilities. It checks a wide range of items and attack types for this particular purpose.

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Vane (WordPress vulnerability scanner)

Vane is a forked project of the now non-free popular WordPress vulnerability scanner WPScan.

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Wapiti (vulnerability scanner for web applications)

Wapiti is a security tool to perform vulnerability scans on web applications. It uses fuzzing to detect known and unknown paths, among other tests.

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Whitewidow (SQL vulnerability scanner)

Whitewidow is a security tool to perform automated SQL vulnerability scans. It can be used during penetration tests or for security assessments.

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