Password crackers


acccheck (SMB password guessing and dictionary attack tool)

The acccheck tool performs a password guessing and dictionary attack on SMB services used to share files and printers.

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eapmd5pass (offline EAP-MD5 dictionary attack tool)

Eapmd5pass is a password attack tool for EAP-MD5 authentication traffic. It uses an offline attack, meaning it deals with captured network data.

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Hashcat (password recovery tool)

Hashcat is a well-known tool to crack passwords. It has advanced features to improve performance, allow session resumption, and more.

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hashcat-utils (toolkit for advanced password cracking)

Hashcat-utils is a package of small utilities that are useful in advanced password cracking. It can be used together with hashcat.

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Patator (multi-purpose brute-force tool)

Patator is a security tool to perform enumeration or brute-force attempts to discover authentication details. It can be used during penetration testing.

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THC Hydra (password discovery)

THC Hydra is a brute-force cracking tool for remote authentication services. It supports many protocols, including telnet, FTP, LDAP, SSH, SNMP, and others.

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