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Tool and Usage

Viproy is a VoIP penetration testing and exploitation kit. It helps with testing VoIP protocols like SIP and Cisco Skinny and related IP phone services.

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  • Boghe IMS Client PoC Exploits
  • Cisco CDP Spoofer
  • CUCDM Call Forwarder
  • CUCDM Speed Dial Manipulator
  • MITM Proxy TCP
  • MITM Proxy UDP
  • MSRP Client and Library
  • Polycom Configuration Extractor
  • SIP Brute Force
  • SIP Enumerate
  • SIP Invite
  • SIP Message
  • SIP Negotiate
  • SIP Options
  • SIP Proxy Bounce
  • SIP Register
  • SIP Subscribe
  • SIP Trust Hacking
  • SIP/SDP and MSRP PoC Fuzzers
  • Skinny Call
  • Skinny Call Forward
  • Skinny Register

Usage and audience

Author and Maintainers

Viproy is under development by Fatih Ozavci.

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License(s)BSD 3-clause
Last updatedSept. 17, 2017

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