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Programming languagePython
AuthorChristian Martorella
Latest release3.2.4 []

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This tool is a typical information collection tool to retrieve public data and get it all into one place. It is useful for penetration tests, or if you want to see what is available for your company.

Usage and audience

theHarvester is commonly used for information gathering or penetration testing. Target users for this tool are pentesters, security professionals, and system administrators.

Author and Maintainers

TheHarvester is under development by Christian Martorella.

theHarvester alternatives

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Belati is security tool to collect public data and information and calls itself a Swiss army knife for OSINT purposes.



DataSploit is an OSINT framework to perform intelligence gathering about a particular target. Read how it works in this review.



Gitrob is a security tool to find sensitive information on GitHub. During the audit, it may detect passwords, API keys, or other secrets.

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