SIPVicious alternatives

Looking for an alternative tool to replace SIPVicious? During the review of SIPVicious we looked at other open source tools. Based on their category, tags, and text, these are the ones that have the best match.

Alternatives (by score)


Viproy (viproy-voipkit)



  • Boghe IMS Client PoC Exploits
  • Cisco CDP Spoofer
  • CUCDM Call Forwarder
  • CUCDM Speed Dial Manipulator
  • MITM Proxy TCP
  • MITM Proxy UDP
  • MSRP Client and Library
  • Polycom Configuration Extractor
  • SIP Brute Force
  • SIP Enumerate
  • SIP Invite
  • SIP Message
  • SIP Negotiate
  • SIP Options
  • SIP Proxy Bounce
  • SIP Register
  • SIP Subscribe
  • SIP Trust Hacking
  • SIP/SDP and MSRP PoC Fuzzers
  • Skinny Call
  • Skinny Call Forward
  • Skinny Register

Project details

Some relevant tool missing as an alternative to SIPVicious? Please contact us with your suggestion.