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Programming language
shell script
Michał Żurawski
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Why this tool?

Tools like otseca help with data collection. This could be useful for system administrators to collect data on a regular interval. This data then can be compared with a future data capture. Another possibility is to use it during pentesting. In that case one should have already obtained root access, as the tool requires this as well.

How it works

The tool is written in shell script and uses the Bash interpreter. Its main component is a wrapper to include other commands, which each in turns collect the related data. The HTML report is created by collecting the output and wrapping it up with HTML tags.

Background information

The otseca name is derived from 'other security awareness'.

Usage and audience

otseca is commonly used for configuration audit, penetration testing, or security assessment. Target users for this tool are auditors, pentesters, and system administrators.


  • Command line interface
  • HTML output

Example usage and output

: :
: Φ otseca v1.0.0 security audit script :
: :
: Project: https://github.com/trimstray/otseca :
: :
: Debian GNU/Linux, CentOS Linux :
: :

[+] --[ Init environment ]--
- create dump directory
- set log file

[+] --[ Dump system information ]--
- "ls /tmp"
- "uname -a"
- "ps -ef"
- "df -H"
- "mount"
- "service --status-all"
- "systemctl list-units"
- "lsmod"
- "lspci"
- "sysctl -a"
- "echo /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin"
- "ls -l /etc/rc*.d"
- "cat /proc/cpuinfo"

Tool review and remarks

The review and analysis of this project resulted in the following remarks for this security tool:


  • + The source code is easy to read and understand
  • + Tool is modular and extendable
  • + The source code of this software is available

Author and Maintainers

Otseca is under development by Michał Żurawski.


Supported operating systems

Otseca is known to work on Linux.

otseca alternatives

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This tool is categorized as a Linux security audit tool and configuration audit tool.