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Looking for a better tool, or simply want to learn about alternatives? There is typically more than one option.

Alternatives (by tag)


Alternative: ThreatPinch Lookup

ThreatPinch is a Chrome extension to perform information lookups on data artifacts like domain names, hashes, IP addresses, and more.

Project details

ThreatPinch Lookup is written in JavaScript.


  • + Many integration possibilities available


  • - Unknown project license

Typical usage

  • information gathering
  • threat hunting

ThreatPinch Lookup project page


Alternative: vFeed

vFeed is a set of tools around correlated vulnerability and threat intelligence. It provides a database, API, and supporting tools to store vulnerability data.

vFeed consists of a database and utilities to store vulnerability data. It uses third-party references and data, which then can be used to see if a software component has a known vulnerability. The data itself is enriched by cross-checking it and store additional details about the vulnerabilities.

The vFeed tooling has an API available with JSON output. It can be used by security researchers and practitioners to validate vulnerabilities and retrieve all available details.

Project details

vFeed is written in Python.


  • + Commercial support available

Typical usage

  • security assessment
  • vulnerability scanning

vFeed project page


Alternative: vulnix

Vulnix is a security scanner for NixOS. It specifically looks for vulnerabilities in available packages and comes with a command line interface (CLI).

Project details

vulnix is written in Python.


  • + The source code of this software is available

Typical usage

  • vulnerability scanning

vulnix project page