Password security tools


acccheck (SMB password guessing and dictionary attack tool)

The acccheck tool performs a password guessing and dictionary attack on SMB services used to share files and printers.

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Crowbar (brute forcing tool)

Crowbar is a brute forcing tool that can be used during penetration tests. Unlike other similar tools it uses different methods to achieve its goal.

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eapmd5pass (offline EAP-MD5 dictionary attack tool)

Eapmd5pass is a password attack tool for EAP-MD5 authentication traffic. It uses an offline attack, meaning it deals with captured network data.

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mimipenguin (password extractor)

The mimipenguin tools extracts and dumps discovered login passwords for an active Linux user. It is inspired by the mimikatz tool for Windows.

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not24get (password quality checker)

not24get helps with password quality checking in OpenLDAP and is to be used together with ppolicy. It provides both an API for ppolicy and executable.

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PassGen (password dictionary attack tool)

PassGen is a tool to help with password dictionary attacks to guess a password. It does not perform the attack but creates the related database.

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