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Blogs were very popular for a long time, until social media came along. Many blogs are no longer around or are decaying in corners of the internet. Fortunately, there are still enough skilled Linux and security specialists that love to share their knowledge. We looked which blogs are still writing about Linux security and grouped them in this overview. Although there are not many, their insights and non-hyped knowledge is a treasure to be collected.

Tip: most of the authors of these blogs are also available via Twitter.

Blog by Paul Moore

author Paul Moore

Paul works currently for RedHat, where he works on the Linux kernel. Topics of his blog include SELinux, libseccomp, and the Linux Audit Framework.

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  • + Very technical resource

    Codeblog by Kees Cook

    Linux kernel security - author Kees Cook

    Kees is a well-known developer on the security parts of the Linux kernel. He shares on his blog the latest insights on new developments and the nitty-gritty details of Linux kernel security. If you want to keep up with new features, then give his blog a visit.

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    • + Very technical resource

      Dan Walsh's Blog

      insights into SELinux and container technology - author Dan Walsh

      Dan worked for a long time on SELinux and can be truly called an expert on this subject. He works currently on container technology and combines both subjects.

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      Linux Audit

      Linux auditing, system hardening, and compliance - author Michael Boelen

      The Linux Audit blog was created by Michael Boelen in 2014. It provides mostly technical articles regarding Linux security. Main topics include auditing, Linux system hardening, and compliance. The publication rate fluctuates, as articles are often long content. Some of the articles are over 3000 words and give a good impression on the time investment. If you are still using RSS, then Linux Audit is definitely a Linux security blog that should be in your feed!

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      • + Covers topics for beginners and experts
      • + Long-form articles
      • + Very technical resource

        Robert Penz blog

        Linux, security, and networking - author Robert Penz

        The blog by Robert Penz focuses on topics like Linux, security, and networking. You can expect to see in-depth articles on his blog with many technical details including the occasional Wireshark dump.

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        • + Very technical resource